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Welcome to Joe & Kella Wynne Missionaries To Mexico.

Dec-January 2017

 We hope all of you were able to enjoy the Christmas season with your loved ones and that you were able to reflect on the true Reason of the season! We also pray that God will bless and grow each of your ministries this New Year!

  My family and I made an emergency trip to the United States to update some much needed paperwork for the kids as well as my vehicle. God blessed and gave us safety along the way and we were able to accomplish much during our brief time there.  We also visited a few supporting churches in order to give updates. We visited a new church and were able to raise support there! God has blessed us!

  One weekend while out soul winning my wife and I were able to lead 4 young people to Christ! They were all teenagers but were all very respectful and receptive. Soul winning still works…even in America!

  Upon returning to Mexico we began to reflect on what God had accomplished this past year. God has brought thousands of people to church and many thousands were saved and baptized! Our bus route has doubled in attendance and our workers have doubled too! We had our record high day for first time visitors during the fall program. We have seen what faithfulness has accomplished in reaching our part of the city for Christ! Many churches were planted and helped this past year. I have mentioned many of these by name in past letters.

 We pray that you would continue to pray for our next church plant! I am taking a survey trip this coming week to coastal town in Mexico and would appreciate your prayers. We hope to hold services, Bible clubs, and go soul winning in this area. Pray that God would move and we would do His will!

 Thank you again for being faithful to our family for yet another year! The thousands saved through our ministry and the ministries’ of the many of churches we’ve started is all fruit to your account in Heaven! Thank you for your prayers and love to us!

 Also my wife Kella is expecting again! We covet your prayers. She had many health complications with our last son and we are praying that all will go smoothly. We trust God and His will and so far she has had no complications 

October/November 2016

 God has greatly blessed the past weeks of our ministry! Our church finished its fall program with over 6,000 people saved and baptized through both A & B services as well as the night services. The church members here always work very hard to bring people to Christ and God blessed their hard work and prayers! My wife and I feel blessed and honored to work alongside such quality Christians.

 Our bus route witnessed tremendous growth throughout the program. We brought over 9 buses to church with 315 of them being visitors one Sunday and about 100 of them were saved and baptized that service. Another service we had 120 visitors with the majority of them also being saved and baptized.

We continue to visit and disciple these new converts with the hope that they will become consistent, growing Christians. One family that I invited to church during program has come faithfully for over a month. Señora Ramona brings her daughter, son, and two granddaughters every service unless she is unable to because one of her sons has leukemia and was recently abandoned by his wife. They have shown growth and potential this last month. Another family that my wife invited to church is a family of 4 that recently moved here from Los Angeles, CA. Since the 2 children speak English they enjoy chatting with my wife and I. The parents, Seńor Adrian & Seńora Leo, have seen many trials since moving back to Mexico. A church in the USA reached the family so thankfully were already saved when my wife witnessed to them, but have much need of discipleship. Thankfully Kella has been praying and working with them as much as possible. Please pray for these new converts that they would attend church faithfully.

 Although we have seen great victory for the cause of Christ this month we’ve also seen great tragedy. Wherever God’s work is advancing the Devil will attack. After the program we had two young brothers from the Bible College involved in an accident that left them both in comas. Yesterday we received news that they both opened their eyes and have reflexes in their hands and feet after almost 2 weeks in comas. Praise God! We continue to pray for these two that God will heal them completely. One of our bus worker’s 2-month-old baby had a severe case of Bronchitis and was admitted to the hospital because she could not breathe on her own. And the most fatal tragedy has been the loss of a young man in the Bible College. Jonathon Carrera was my friend and brother in Christ and in the ministry. We served alongside each other daily in the church. He was killed in a bus crash on his way back from an evangelistic meeting where he saw over 1,000 people come to Christ! Please pray for his family, widow, and newborn son that are left behind.

We praise God for the privilege to serve and are reminded again how great Heaven is and how short life is. We use this time to encourage and purpose ourselves to do MORE for Christ!

August/September 2016


  August and September were very productive months for us and the Lord’s ministry! My wife and I saw over 20 people saved!

 In August our Bible college began again, and this semester my wife and I are both teaching. My wife is teaching a ladies class and I’m teaching two Bible classes. We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve in another way at this great church! Since we plant churches with the graduates of our college I’m also grateful that we get to work with them during their years as students too.

 In September I went to visit one of our graduates in the village of Tehuetlan. One of our preacher boys started this church then moved on and another one of our preacher boys is now the pastor! He has 250 people in attendance and only 1,000 people live in the entire village. He has reached many more with the gospel! My father and I along with a few of my brothers went to his graduation service and were able to ordain 9 men into the ministry.

My wife and I go soul wining every Saturday with our two sons on our bus route. One Saturday my wife knocked Yolanda's door and began to witness to her. Yolanda invited her inside and was sweetly saved! The very next day she was going to the USA to visit her daughter and said now she could explain salvation to her family! She thanked my wife with tears in her eyes and said I can feel Him in my heart! Praise God for His salvation!

 Our bus route has been able to add two new workers and we were able see many visitors this month to our bus route. Our Sunday School has also seen consistent growth thanks to God’s grace!

 Thank you to all of our friends and supporters for their love! May God bless you and your churches! 

June/July 2016

 The summers here in Mexico are always an exciting time for us! Even though the Bible college students have gone for the summer we always see growth in church attendance and membership. We added over 200 into membership one evening service. We also held our 7th annual youth conference at the end of July with about 1,100 teenagers in attendance. We had over 120 teenagers surrender to full time Christian service! We are so grateful to get to be apart of this amazing ministry while still planting churches!

 In June my wife and I travelled to Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico to help one of our graduates obtain a larger property for his current church because they have outgrown their current building as well as preach for him that Wednesday night.  Pastor Ernesto Garcia graduated from our Bible College 15 years ago and went to Villahermosa immediately after graduation. He founded his church and today he is running about 400 in attendance every week. After helping him obtain his property we travelled to the small village of Palenque in the state of Chiapas Mexico to visit the largest city of Mayan ruins in Mexico. While hiking through the jungle my wife and I were able to lead many of the local villagers to Christ! Many only spoke their village dialect but the few that spoke Spanish as well were able to be saved.

 I have mentioned Pastor Victor Gallo in Ecuador, in past letters and about his amazing work in the jungle villages there. Recently he has been branching even farther than usual sometimes taking up to 11 hours in a tiny plane to reach these forgotten people. Not only has Pastor Victor seen great success in his church in the city but also with winning these tribes to Christ. The last village outing he saw 60 people from one tribe come to Christ! God has greatly blessed this church plant among many others!

 Thank you for your prayers, love, and support! We are so grateful to each and every one of you that pray for us! Please continue to pray for our safety and that God would give us more laborers to start even more churches before Christ’s second coming.

God bless you!


May 2016

  In May we graduated another class full time Christian servants from our Bible College.  These graduates will plant churches over Mexico and South America. Two graduates and their families have already left to the mission fields of Brazil and Bolivia. We pray that God will bless and grow their ministries and that we can visit them soon.

  I was able to help a church plant in the State of Mexico obtain a property and building for their church.  God blessed and allowed the money and paperwork to go through quickly. Pastor Fausto is currently running about 100 in attendance.

 While soul winning on our bus route my wife and I saw more than 10 people saved personally. My wife also had one convert baptized. One man I saw saved was a man named Pepe who received the Lord as Savior. When I first knocked his door he said he wasn’t interested because he was Catholic. I just stayed at his door for a few minutes and he finally opened the door and was saved.

 Our bus route has seen much growth and we had several big days. We had several families that stopped coming start coming again. Yolanda and her family have been very faithful and bringing their Bibles to church. Also we started having Saturday Bible studies with several riders.

  Please pray for our government as they are continuously changing the laws here and up to this point we have total freedom of religion. They want to make soul winning and witnessing illegal among other things that may complicate our ministry here. We are putting our total faith and trust in God and we will not stop soul winning no matter what the law is and we trust God to protect and grow His church. We know that undoubtedly this is just the work of the Devil against God’s work here in Mexico.

 Thank you for your love, prayers, and support! We are eternally grateful for each and every one of you that gives to our ministry. God bless you and your churches!


April 2016

  April was a very productive and very busy time for our church in Mexico City. We held two mini conferences for pastors in Mexico as well as the United States. One was for Christian school leaders and teachers and the other was over the importance of soul winning and church growth. Dr. David Wood preached along with several other pastors from the U.S., I believe it was a great help to our church members as well as the other churches that attended.

  Yolanda and her daughter as well as her daughter's three children have been coming to church for several months and recently began to be very faithful. Yolanda's son also has joined her as well as a couple who are her neighbors.  Yolanda, her children and her children's children as well as some of her neighbors have all received Christ and have been baptized.

  While soul winning one Saturday afternoon, my wife was out with our youngest when she met Leslie, a teenager on our bus route. Leslie, was saved after my wife witnessed to her and is interested in coming to church. She visits her aunt on weekends and we are praying for her to have the chance to come to church and be baptized.

  We had a big day on one mid week service this month where we had thousands of first time visitors and over 1,000 people saved with over 500 baptized! My wife was able to speak to lady who had raised her hand during the invitation. Her name was Roxxana and she was saved and baptized that night! She told my wife with tears in her eyes that she had been searching for God and reading her Bible but couldn’t understand it and that now she knew she had God in her heart! She also said she hoped her daughter had been saved and baptized during the kids church and if not she was going to witness to her! What a blessing!

 April 20th marked our two-year anniversary on the mission field! We are so blessed to have accomplished so much for the cause of Christ! By His grace we have been able to see 7 churches started personally as well as planning to starting 2 more here in Mexico's City limits this coming month, not counting the hundreds started through the main church. We have seen hundreds personally come to Christ and be baptized! We have established a bus route with faithful workers and members that have grown in the last year and we have been involved in numerous ministerial areas of the main church. My wife having no background at all in Spanish when we arrived has picked up very quickly on the language. She teaches Sunday School, in the ladies’ meetings, works in the nursery, and has no problem communicating on a daily basis. I’m so glad God has blessed her ability to speak Spanish!

Thank you for your love and support these past years! We love and pray for you all! Without your prayer and financial support we would not be able to serve God on the mission field!

February/March 2016

 The new year has kept us busy already with many souls saved and baptized! We have also seen great growth in some of our new converts. Yolanda is a middle age lady who came as a visitor and has been faithful the last few weeks of church especially. She lives with her adult daughter and grandson and has been praying and witnessing to both of them. I had the privilege to lead her daughter to Christ after many weeks of witnessing to her. God answers prayers!

 I was able to lead a teenager named Pedro to Christ a few weeks ago and he came on a Sunday night and asked if he could bring his mom, Guadalupe. His mother was saved during the invitation and they were both baptized! God is good!

 My wife and children have been going with me soul winning every week. The same weekend I led Pedro to Christ Kella lead a lady named Esmeralda to Christ in the street. She looked busy and was walking fast but my wife just called to her and asked if she could show her how to go to Heaven and she said yes! Esmeralda is a mother of two and we are praying for her to come to church!

 At the end of February my wife’s visa expired and we needed to get out of the country ASAP so we made a brief trip to California in order to obtain new visas. Thankfully God allowed us to get all of baby Shawn’s paperwork before we left. We spent the visiting some of our supporting churches. I was able to preach 4 times and attend a missions conference. I’m so glad we were able to report back to a few of our supporters. We were able to go soul winning a few times while in the USA and we saw five people saved! God is good! I am happy that no matter what country you are in the Gospel works! It reaches through barriers, language, time, culture, economics, social status, and anything else you can think of!

 At the end of March we had our official inauguration service for our building! We saw thousands of first time visitors and thousands more come to Christ! We even had a banquet after the evening service for the first time visitors who attended. It was a blessed day!

Continue to pray for our recent church plants in South America!We are so grateful to be serving here in Mexico as your representatives! Thank you and God bless!


 January 2016

Thank you for your love, prayers and support this past year! It was definitely a difficult year for us and we were overwhelmed by the love you folks showed our family, especially my wife! We know without a doubt that we are loved and cared for by you supporting churches! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

 Most of you already know this but for the few who do not, our son Shawn Kevin was born on November 25, 2015 by emergency c-section. God was so gracious to allow him to have no major health problems and we only stayed in the hospital for 3 days! He did stop breathing for a few seconds immediately after birth but God got him breathing again and he was on an oxygen machine for the next 24 hours trying to get his O2 sats up. Glory to God because He raised his oxygen levels and he has not had a problem since! We now have two happy healthy baby boys! Joey Jr. is quite happy with the new addition! My wife is doing well and still recovering.

 Despite the difficulties this year we were able to see hundreds come to Christ personally and thousands come to Christ in our church! This year Mount Zion had more people saved and baptized than ever before! Our Sunday School class has grown with many faithful members! Also I started a ministry for music here in Mexico to help make Christian music available to Christians in Mexico! I’m very excited to see what God does through this ministry!

 As for the South American church plants, I’m very happy to inform you that they have all grown this year! I was able to help many obtain properties and several have already started construction on their auditoriums! Praise God! Now that my wife is doing better health wise I am planning my next trip to South America very soon!

 Thank you again for all you give for us! We are beyond grateful and so undeserving! We will be working on an updated prayer card for all of our supporting and praying churches very soon. Thank you again and God bless you.

Sincerely In Christ,

 Joe, Kella, Joe Jr., and Shawn Wynne 


August/September 2015

Greetings from Mexico! Another month has come and gone for us here on the mission field and we are happy to report more souls saved and people baptized! August was a busy time as our church held it’s yearly marriage retreat in Acapulco. It was a blessed time for all the couples that were able to attend including us! We also had the privilege of flying to California for my second youngest sister’s wedding where we were able to meet up with all of my other family members as well! It was a sweet time of fellowship and catching up. We also took advantage of that short time there to visit a few of our supporting churches and give them recent updates.

 When we returned to Mexico the first week of September our Bible college had already started in full swing as well as our Christian school. We have been greatly anticipating the Christian school this year because we have greatly expanded it. We have new facilities as well as a brand new staff and curriculum! The enrolling number of students this year was about 350 compared to last year which was about 40! Please continue to pray for this ministry of our church as we hope it will continue to grow each year!

 I had the privilege of speaking at one of our graduate’s churches in the mountains in the State of Mexico. Pastor Victor has been renting different buildings around the area. They have been praying for land or a building to hold their two services in and recently they obtained a piece of property. I am helping them build their first auditorium and other facilities. Please pray for this church as they are continuing growing as well as our many church plants in South America.

 My wife was able to visit the route with me twice this month before her condition worsened. One time she was able to lead a young lady named Miriam to Christ while I visited one of our regulars. The next time while visiting the same family I was able to lead the grandmother to Christ. She has claimed Catholicism as her faith for her whole life but recently her husband passed away and she has been struggling with depression. God used this dark and vulnerable time to allow her to see the light of the Gospel! I am so happy she is saved and will be able to reunite with the rest of the family in Heaven one day!

 Thank you for all of your love and support! We are so grateful for you! Please continue to pray for my wife and unborn son as she is now on absolute bed rest until it is safe to deliver the baby. Both she and the baby are in danger at this time. She spent a week in the hospital and is doing better but still at risk for preterm labor at any moment. We are praying for wisdom and finances at this point to help pay for when the baby arrives.



July 2015

 The month of July Kella and I saw a total of 31 people saved! We also had an incredible turn out for our annual youth conference with over 1,200 in attendance! All glory to God for allowing us to finish the new addition to our auditorium and now fit up to 7,000 people! The last night of youth conference was also our mid week service and we had about 6,500 people in attendance! It is such a blessing to serve the Lord! God blessed the services with salvations and decisions every night! We had over 100 young people surrender to full time Christian service! Many of our church people also went forward to give their lives to God!

 Last month I mentioned a family that I met during mid week soul winning. Edgar along with his wife, son, and granddaughter came on a Sunday morning and were saved after the service. Edgar and his wife had many questions as I explained the Gospel to them and they sweetly asked Christ into their hearts. He is still looking for a cabby job and they are excited about continuing to come with us on the bus.

 The new auditorium addition is in use but we are still lacking a few parts that we will be adding as money comes in such as sound equipment, tile, paint, staircases, etc. 

 My wife and I are happy to announce that we are expecting our second son due in January! Please pray for my wife as she is having several complications and is currently on bed rest indefinitely.  This has been difficult on her since she has been trying to balance taking care of herself and Jr. who just turned one year old. Thank you for your prayers!

 We are always praying for you and you are in our thoughts constantly as we are thanking God for you! We are so grateful for the opportunity to represent each of you on the mission field of Mexico! Thank you for your love and support of my family and ministry! We are so grateful to you!

Don’t forget that all of our past prayer letters as well as photos can be found and printed off on our website God bless you!

Sincerely In Christ,

Joe and Kella Wynne


June 2015

 We are so grateful for your prayers and support for another month! The month of June proved very productive especially in our bus ministry. Our average attendance a month ago was anywhere from 20-30 and now we are seeing 40-45 people! We are so grateful that God has been growing each family more and more in His Word!

 While out on mid week soul winning my wife and I met a family that was very eager to come to church. Edgar, the father, is a taxi driver that is looking for a new job, said he has been looking for a church for awhile and we look forward to them coming with us soon. The same night I met Edgar I also met his son and several neighborhood children playing soccer and I was able to lead them all to Christ.

 Please continue to pray for the works we have started in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, and Peru.

 Next month we will be finishing our new addition to our auditorium as well as hosting a youth conference! We are looking forward to seeing many young people from all over Mexico join us for a great week of preaching!

 Don’t forget anyone can access our past prayer letters and new photos on our website

God Bless!

In Christ,

Joe and Kella Wynne


May 2015

This month I headed back to South America to help Hermano Eqihua obtain a property so they could begin building this summer! After many delayed flights and many layovers I finally arrived in Jujuy and was able to help them with the final paper work they needed to purchase the land. We are praying
God continues to bless the work and grow it even more!

 We also celebrated our one-year anniversary for our bus route on Mother’s Day! We have grown from one family to many faithful families like the Cruz family I have mentioned before. They have four children and 3 have been saved and baptized! Glory to God! The oldest, Laura, is 15 years old and was saved after her first visit to our church and was baptized the next week! We have been discipling this family on Wednesday nights after mid week soul winning and have already seen a change in them!

 We had our annual Bible college graduation at the end of this month! What a blessing to see so many young people being sent out to do God’s work from our church!! We also ordained 20+ men into the ministry. All of these young men feel God has called them to start a church and to pastor! What a blessing it is to serve God!!

 Kella and I were in the States for a week for my brothers wedding and as usual on Saturday we went soul winning in the area. At first we had a hard time finding people home but then I began witnessing to gentleman that was a veteran and Kella found an expectant mother. Both happily received Christ as their Savior! The expectant mother, Sabrina also agreed to come to church because she wanted her child to learn about salvation too!

 Also we are happy to announce that Kella is expecting our second child and is due in January 2016! We are so excited and thankful that God would bless us with another child!

 Thank you for all your love and support! We are so grateful to have you great people praying for us! Thank you for giving so we can serve you here on the mission field! All these souls and many more are fruit that abounds to your account in Heaven!

Don’t forget anyone can access our past prayer letters and new photos on our website Pictures from my trip to Argentina this month and the graduation will be on there!

God Bless!

In Christ,

Joe and Kella Wynne


April 2015

  God has blessed us this month in April! We completed our first year on the mission field together and we are looking forward to many more Lord willing! We were grateful to see many souls saved and many baptized in our church! We have had a personal high day of 70 people on our new bus route with many first time visitors.

  Senor Pacheco was leaning in his doorway while Kella invited a few ladies to church. She usually does not approach men alone unless I am with her but she decided to just hand him a track and wait for me. “Is your church one of those that teach you have to be good enough to go to Heaven?” he asked. She decided to take the opportunity to share the Gospel and explain exactly what we believe. He was agreeing with her on every point of the Roman’s Road. He got saved and came to church the next day and during the invitation we explained how baptism is the first step of obedience of the Believer. He said “ I would like to bring my 4 children next week and be baptized when they are here to set a good example.” The next week I led his four teenage children to Christ at their house Saturday and they all came to church Sunday and saw their father baptized! God is so good! Senor Pacheco has been asking many questions about tithing and our doctrines. We are so grateful to train and disciple him!

  While soul winning on our bus route we also met the Cruz Family. Senor Cruz is a mechanic and he and his wife have been saved and attending an evangelical church for a few years. However one Sunday his wife, four children, her mother, her sister and her three children came to church with us.  The children were all saved along with his wife’s sister! They have been such a sweet family to visit with! They all enjoyed the church so much that for the midweek service the kids came straight from school and Senor Cruz straight from work to the bus for church! We are praying that God would work in their hearts and move them to where they need to be.

 These are just two individual’s salvation stories among the many souls God has blessed and allowed us to see saved here in Mexico. God is good!

 Thank you for your prayers and support! We are so grateful for them! We are honored to serve God on the mission field and to represent you for Christ here in Mexico. Please continue to pray for our safety as we serve in the DF.

 We love you in Christ!

In Christ,

Joe and Kella Wynne



March 2015

 We were able to fly to the US this month and visit many of our supporting churches. Kella was able to be apart of a friends wedding in California and we were able to report to our supporting church, Montecito Baptist that same weekend. We also visited Kella’s family in WV while state side for which she was very grateful! We also visited a supporting church in Huttonsville that just took us on for support in January! What a blessing!

 I also had a unique opportunity to present the Gospel in a public school in Monongalia County, WV. I simply presented myself like it was career day. I told who I was, what I do and then presented the Gospel! I was told that this group of 8th graders would be rowdy and inattentive. However, when I began speaking it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop! They were so attentive the teachers even commented that they have never seen them that well behaved! The teachers were also supportive and personally thanked me! One teenager approached me with many questions and is eager to come to church.

 Please continue to pray for our safety and that we would be used to reach the people of Mexico!

 We are again so thankful for your love and support! This April we will be celebrated one year on the mission field! We are so grateful God has enabled us to serve Him here in Mexico! We look forward to spending all the years God gives us on this Earth here in Mexico! Thank you for helping us reach the lost in Latin America!! God bless!


Joe and Kella


January/February 2015

 Greetings from Mexico! I write this letter apologizing for the delay in this update but I am happy to inform all of you of our recent work and blessings!

 In February I went to Central and South America planting churches! I was part of a group of soul winners from our church in Mexico. We first traveled to Colon, Panama, which is a smaller city of about 100,000 people. We were able to see over 250 people come to our first two services that we held there. God is good! The people of Panama were very receptive to the Gospel and we saw many saved and baptized! Please pray for this work and the pastor that we left there to continue the work!

 We then flew to the mountains of Ecuador to visit a new work there. Victor Gallo is a graduate from our Bible college who took his family to Ecuador over 9 months ago. He has been working very hard and we have been praying and God has been blessing! His church in Ecuador is averaging 400 people on Sunday mornings! Praise the Lord! He has also started reaching out to the remote villages in the surrounding area and has seen many come to Christ! We visited one of these villages, which is only accessible via a 5 passenger Cessna airplane. The flight over jungle was about an hour long and we flew through a rainstorm.  The airplane was so old that it actually began raining inside the airplane! We proceeded to land on a mud airstrip carved out of the jungle in the village of Waipui. This is the same area and tribe that killed missionary and martyr Jim Elliot and his group of men years ago. The people we met were their descendants.  Although many of this tribe have turned from cannibalism and have come to know the Lord many have turned back to their old ways. It was an interesting trip to say the least!

 All in all the trip was by far the best soul winning trip I have ever had the privilege to be apart of! I personally saw over 108 people saved and many come to church and several baptized! As a group total we saw over 1,000 souls come to Christ! All to the glory of God!! This is fruit to your account! These people were not only saved but also have a stable, fundamental Baptist church to attend and grow! Thank you for your faith love, prayers and support! We love you and pray for you!




December 2014/January 2015

The last month of the year is always a busy time for any church and Monte Sion was no exception. We had activities in every department and were making plans for the new year. This year alone I was able to either personally start or assist 7 of churches. Including Brother Equihua from our church here in Mexico who now serves in Jujuy Argentina. We helped him obtain a property and he is now seeing 200 people attending! God is good!

 In the next semester of the Bible college I will be teaching three classes weekly. I have thoroughly enjoyed being more involved with the students because it helps me establish relationships before they have even graduated!

 Our bus route has grown from averaging 30 to 40-50! We have seen such a growth in our riders as well. In some of my letters I have mentioned a teen named Brandon and his mother Paula. I mentioned that Brandon’s father is an abusive alcoholic that usually keeps them from church. He recently returned after another common disappearance of a month or more and has again been causing heartache for this family! Please pray for him and Brandon’s family as the try to put Christ first in their lives. I know this is just the devil’s work because his father returned the same week Brandon was suppose to start Bible college. But now Brandon does not want to leave his family alone and has postponed attending Bible college. Please pray that this young man would have the courage and faith to follow God!

 Kella and I have seen more than 20 people come to Christ in December as well as thus far into January! God has blessed us with good soil in which to sow the Gospel! Though Mexico is a receptive field the strong holds of Catholicism are still found in many of the people’s hearts. Kella witnessed to a middle aged  woman on the street one day during mid week soul winning. The woman’s name was Maria and at first seemed very receptive and understanding of salvation. However when it came time to pray and ask Christ to save her she became nervous. She began fiddling with the tract in her hand began speaking quickly about how she prayed often and went to mass and so on. Kella again showed her verses about Heaven being a gift and how the only ‘work’ that mattered was the work of the cross when Christ died for us! After showing her more verses and more explanation she just could not accept that her works weren’t getting her to Heaven. My wife sadly told me that the woman did not trust Christ. We prayed for her and hope that something was planted in her heart!

 Mexico, like America, is darkened by sin and false religions and idols. Please pray for Mexico that the traditions of men and worship of man would be broken and that they would see and accept Christ!




November 2014

 Kella and I have now completed six months on the mission field and feel as though we have barely started! Lord willing, we plan to be here for the long run and never take a ‘furlough’. We feel very ‘at home’ and are grateful our mission field is close enough to the States that planning a visit is possible and can be done for a ‘decent’ price. Thank you for your prayers for us as we made the transition from deputation to the mission field.

 Our fall program ended well and we look forward to visiting all the new contacts we have! God has been blessing our route so much! Since we began picking folks up in May we always prayed for faithful, solid Christians and God has been answering! We now have two young men that work alongside us every weekend by soul winning, visiting, and bringing their own visitors! Jonathon, I mentioned a few months ago came and was saved and baptized on a Sunday morning. He enthusiastically asked many questions and seemed to want discipleship but for some reason we almost lost all contact with him shortly after. Then a month or so ago we were able to speak with him and begin working one on one with him and we have seen tremendous growth in this young teenager! Brandon, another teenage boy, is from a rough home life where is father is a drunkard who physically abuses his mother, who faithfully brings him and his brother to church.  One day he forbad them to go to church and fearing the consequences they obeyed, so for some time we also almost lost all contact with them. We began visiting them every chance we could and encouraged their family to come back. Finally his mother, Paula, began bringing them all to church again and has been faithful ever since. She also got a job that she works 7 days a week but begs her boss to allow her to take 2 hours off on Sunday mornings for church! Brandon sells tacos every morning from 6-9 am and gives all his earnings to his mother to help support them. He goes soul winning everyday and had a total of 6 visitors during the program! God protects his own and blesses those that obey Him! What a blessing their family is!

 Kella and I personally saw over 40 people saved this month by the grace of God! Thank you for your love, prayers, and support! We are so grateful to you and pray for you as well!

God bless!

October 2014

The month of October was the kick off of our annual fall program here at Monte Sion. This year our goal was to see 600 people saved and baptized from different areas of the city. My route along with a few others were able to reach and exceed our goal of 600 saved and baptized! God is so good! Just like all things in the ministry it is by God’s grace that any of this was possible, but we worked pretty hard too! Many extra hours were spent for visitation and soul winning, and many of our new converts went soul winning with us and invited their neighbors and families! We held numerous ‘escuelitas’ (Bible Clubs) where we saw many saved and ride the bus on Sunday!

 Our highest day throughout the entire program was on the 8th of November with 118 total riders! Wow God had blessed! Perhaps, the biggest blessing was seeing many people who had not come for some time return and having them visit with us!

 On Thursday during our mid week service, we had 5 adult ladies visit the church with us. After the preaching we spoke to them about salvation and baptism. The all gladly accepted Christ and we happy to be baptized that night! As they walked to the changing rooms one of the ladies hesitated not wanting to leave her young niece. I assured her that her niece would be fine waiting with me until she was finished but she seemed very nervous. She told me that her son had been kidnapped and all she had left was her niece. It broke my heart to hear that but I still assured her that I would not let anything happen to her niece if she went to get baptized. She decided to obey God and let Him take care of her niece! What an example!

 Sadly her story is a very common one here among our members and visitors. Many church members have either had an immediate family member or at least know of someone who has been kidnapped and never seen again. Kidnapping is probably the #1 crime in Mexico, and also the most heart breaking! Please continue to pray for our safety as we walk the streets on almost a daily basis witnessing and visiting. We are grateful for your support! Thank you for all you have done for us!

God bless you!


September 2014

 September was a very busy month for us! We traveled from Mexico to the US for a missions conference in Gulfport, Mississippi. What a blessing it was to be apart of such a sweet church! It was the first conference we have attended since moving to the mission field. We realized we needed to update our materials, such as prayer cards, and hopefully we will have the opportunity to do that soon. This church was very loving to us and has already begun monthly support! God is good!

 Immediately after the conference Kella’s parents flew us to West Virginia so they could meet their first grandbaby! We so enjoyed our short visit with them! I know it meant so much to my wife! While in West Virginia we were also able to visit a few of our supporting churches and give updates.

 We returned home to find our apartment was still in tact and had not been broken into, praise the Lord, thanks to your prayers. We have been soul winning and visiting our bus riders twice a week every week and have seen tremendous growth! The last two services were our biggest days yet, with 31 on Sunday morning and 32 Sunday night! God is good! We have also seen our riders growing spiritually by helping us with Saturday Bible clubs and soul winning.

 I also flew to South America this month to check on the progress of two of our graduates from Monte Sion. I spent a few days in Cordoba, Argentina before heading to San Salvador de JuyJuy(hoo-hoo-e).While there I spent time encouraging and counseling the new pastors. I also helped them search for properties to expand their ministries as well as vans for running bus routes. I saw a total of 40 people saved while in Argentina and saw several come to church serves that we held. The church plants in South America are growing and God is blessing!

 A few months ago, I mentioned a young family that we had met on our route, Vicente and Juanita. I mentioned he had back problems and would often have to stand during church but it turns out he actually had an accelerated form of cancer. Vicente was diagnosed and given only days to live. Juanita was obviously heartbroken and was visiting him everyday in the hospital. Upon returning to Mexico I made visiting him priority and was able to see him once more before he passed away. Despite being in terrible pain, he thanked me for bringing his family to church and for sharing the plan of salvation with them! He asked me to keep visiting his family and bringing them to church after he was gone. It was a sobering time but also a time of rejoicing knowing that he was going to spend eternity in Heaven now! Please pray for his widow and three year old son, Said. They are currently staying with family in Oaxaca, a neighboring state.

Thank you again for your support and prayers! We are so grateful to serve Christ in Mexico and are honored to represent you here! God bless!

 August 2014

August was a very busy month for us and our church! The very first week started with our pastor’s

conference, with over 9,000 national pastors and Christian workers in attendance. We held both morning of evening sessions of preaching and teaching. At the same time we held a youth conference in one of our other buildings where over 200 young people surrendered to full time Christian service!! Praise the Lord! Each night we had three different preaching sessions on two properties simultaneously. Twenty guest preachers from all over the USA and Mexico came to preach during our conference.

Kella and I were busy with multiple different duties surrounding the conference. During this exciting time for our church one of our faithful members passed away. My dad was very busy with the conference and speakers and asked if I could preach at the funeral that week. I was happy to be there for one of our member’s and to help my dad. It was my first time conducting a funeral, but praise the Lord our church member and her immediate family were already saved. The funeral began around 10pm and last more than an hour. Hermana Tonita was a faithful member and soul winner in our church. Her husband and daughters were smiling and singing songs about Heaven! What a testimony! For them this was a happy time because they knew she was with Jesus and no longer in pain! There were about 160 people in attendance so I asked her family how many they believed were saved of that number. They estimated 60% of the crowd was not saved, so I preached a message of salvation. I spoke about Heaven and how Hermana Tonita was seeing Jesus and her mansion for the first time and how she would one day see her family there but she would be very happy to see all of them there too! I said Christ loves them and wants to save them! How salvation is not by works but by putting their faith and trust in Christ and what He has done on the cross. At the end I prayed and those that asked Christ to save them raised their hands, about 40 people! After the preaching and singing many of these people came to shake my hand and thank me for sharing the Gospel! They said they were now looking forward to seeing Tonita again in Heaven! God uses everything for good!

Thank you for your love toward us!Thank you to all who pray for us and give sacrificially to support us! We love and pray for you! God bless!

Sincerely In Christ,

Joe and Kella Wynne


                                                 July 2014
Well as many of you already know, our baby boy was born on the 24
th of this month! We are so

grateful for a healthy little preacher boy and for your prayers for Kella and Joe Jr. Both mama and baby are doing fine! Thank you for your prayers!

July was a busy month, full of soul winning and discipleship! We are so glad to see many of our converts growing in Christ and becoming faithful to church. God has been working in great ways on our bus route. We are getting to answer many questions from our new converts as well as teach them sound doctrine. It is encouraging to see their excitement and hunger for God!

I am thinking of one family in particular that has blessed our hearts. Juanita was saved after talking to one of our full time soul winners in the street some time ago. We met her while door knocking and invited her and her three year old son to ride our bus to church. She seemed excited and promised to come Thursday night. However three Thursdays passed and she did not come, and we were discouraged because she seemed so pleased to come. We passed by her place again on Saturday during visitation and invited her again. This time we met her husband, Vicente, and invited him as well. Juanita apologized for not coming on the bus. She had been going to the corner where we pick up folks for church but had been only five minutes late and we had missed her three times in a row! She said this week she and her husband would be on time. We had prayer with this sweet couple after learning that Vicente has terrible back pain that leaves him many days in bed and unable to work. The next Thursday when we pulled to the usual meeting corner there stood Vicente, Juanita, and their son, Said. I led Vicente to Christ after service and Juanita was very anxious to purchase them both Bibles and other Christian books! God is good! He gives us such wonderful folks to work with! We praise God for their faithfulness and Christian growth!

In August, our church will host an international pastor’s conference and we are expecting 8,000 people! Please pray for us to be a blessing to all the national pastors who will be attending! We love you and pray for you! Thank you for your faithfulness to us! God bless!
Sincerely In Christ,

Joe, Kella(and Joe Jr). Wynne

June 2014

 June was a time of settling in and preparation! We settled nicely into our 52 square meter apartment and made lots of preparations for baby coming next month!  We are so grateful for the location of the apartment because it very close to the main church which makes it convenient for working with the graduates.

 This month I booked four different families’ airplanes tickets to leave for the mission field! Two have already left and two more leave this following month. One family left for the country of Chile and another for Argentina! I am waiting until after our baby is born in July to fly down there and see how the church plants are going! All of the men in these families have attended our Bible college and were ordained at their graduations. Many of their wives also attended. I have more men and their families lined up to leave for the field in the near future!

 Kella and I saw over 25 people come to Christ this month from door to door soul winning! Many of these have come to church and been baptized. We have so enjoyed watching many of them grow as we disciple them and bring them to church on our bus route. One family that has been growing so much these last few weeks is the De La Luz family. Mrs. Maria Luz her daughter and two grandchildren have been attending faithfully. Mrs. Maria was saved already and baptized when we met her and this month her daughter and two grandchildren were saved! Regina, 8 ,and Diego, 15, were both baptized on our mid week service. They both go out soul winning with us each Saturday! Diego led his first soul to Christ two weekends ago! He is now praying about attending our Bible College and becoming a preacher!! God is so good! What a blessing this family has been to us! God still changes lives! God still works!

 Thank you for your prayers and support of us since we have been on the field! We are grateful for your prayers for protection and for souls to be saved through our ministry. We are so happy to be serving God here in Mexico! God bless you!

Sincerely In Christ,

Joe & Kella Wynne


Planting Churches in Central & South America.

May 2014

 This month Kella and I started a new bus route at the church here in Mexico City! We started knocking doors with two other couples and they have remained faithful each weekend. Some church members told us they had been praying for someone to come and start a bus route in the same place where we started!

 Our first Sunday we picked up one family of five in a 15 passenger van the next week we moved up to a microbus. We had a high day of 120 for a mid week service and have seen many of these continue coming! Including one sweet elderly lady name Guadalupe and her grandchildren; she is even inviting her neighbors and friends to come with us! She and her grandchildren were saved and baptized on that mid week service! My prayer is to have faithful, strong Christians riding our bus not just big numbers, so I have been focusing on discipleship of our riders.

 One great thing about thing about the mission field is there are so many soul-winning opportunities!

As a church, we go soul winning Wednesday evenings and all day Saturday on our routes. Kella and I have seen over 10 people saved this month! I was able to lead two young teenagers to Christ last Saturday on our route. Noe and Victor live on our route and gladly listened to the Gospel and received it! We are praying they will be able to come next Sunday along with their families.

 My wife was able to lead a young lady name Wendy to the Lord as she was on her way to the meat store two weeks ago. Wendy was a happy as she listened to Kella tell her the plan of salvation. She accepted Christ right there in the street! She has promised to come to church this Sunday along with her two children and husband!

Last Sunday was the graduation of our Bible College here in Mexico City. We had many of our national pastors attend to see their church kids graduate. Pastor Ezequiel Salazar was our guest speaker and 14 young men were ordained! We are praying to be working with some if not all these young men to help start churches in Mexico and South America!

 Thank you for your faithfulness to us in prayer and finances! We so appreciate and love you and your church folk! Please know we pray for you as well! God bless!

Sincerely In Christ,

Joe & Kella Wynne





April 2014

 Greetings from Mexico City México!! I am so excited to be writing our first prayer letter from the field this month! Kella and I began driving from Grafton WV on the 10th of April and arrived in Mexico City on the 18th! A grand total of 2,331 miles! God was so good to us! We had no problem getting the necessary visas or paperwork for our car! Also we were never stopped by the border control, police, or drug cartel! Praise the Lord for His protection! Thank you to all who prayed for us on this trip!

 Since our arrival mid April we have been soul winning and becoming more involved with the work here in Mexico City! During our first Saturday soul winning, we were able to see five souls come to Christ! One of these saved was an elderly man that I found sitting on the curb. He was from a Catholic background. He had many questions but was very receptive to the Gospel! It was as though he had been thinking of these things for some time! We personally saw 13 souls saved this month! God is good!

 Also Kella and I will be starting a bus route and Sunday School for the ‘B’ services here beginning in May. We will be coordinating with a few of our Bible college graduates to start churches in Latin America over the next few months.

 A prayer requests would be for housing for Kella and me. Yes, Mexico is considered a third world country but we are in a major city where property can be expensive. I have been searching for a safe and reasonable area to rent for us. It is also interesting trying to get all the necessary documents in order to rent an apartment or house. If you could pray that God open the right doors and put us where He would like us to be we would appreciate it. We are currently staying with my family until we can find our own place.

 We are settling in quite nicely down here! We are so excited to finally be working with the people God has called us to! We are not at full financial support yet but we are so glad we obeyed God and came by faith to the field! HE is already blessing so much! We are looking forward to what He will do next!

 Thank you for your financial and prayer support! We are so grateful to you and your church! Thank you for helping us reach our goal of serving God on the mission field! We love and pray for you! God bless you!

Sincerely In Christ,

Joe & Kella Wynne





March 2014

 March has flown by and I cannot believe it is April! Already two years and three months have passed since we first began our deputation journey and it is finally coming to a close. The last week of March ended with First Baptist Church of Hammond Indiana’s missions’ conference. Kella and I both enjoyed seeing old friends and being loved on by such sweet people!

 In my last prayer letter I mentioned that I would be spending two and a half weeks of March surveying South America. I was in a total of five different countries and seven major cities! Thank you for your prayers for safety and health! God blessed this trip so much and many souls were saved! I personally led over 100 souls to the Lord! God is good!

 On this survey trip I was accompanied by ten graduates of the Bible college in Mexico City, Mexico DF and six of these young men felt the Lord’s leading to start a church in some of the cities we visited. Such as Valparaiso & Santiago, Chile, Lima & Cuzco, Peru, and Cordoba & Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I am planning on helping in as many of these church plants as possible over the next few months. While in each of these cities I was able to help by soul winning, canvassing, and searching for properties with each graduate. We are excited about what God is doing in the hearts of the people of South America! They are so receptive to the Gospel of Christ!

  While soul winning in Chile, I met man named Daniel on the street. He was wearing sunglasses and honestly didn’t look interested but I approached him and began to witness to him. When I was finished I asked if he would like to pray and receive the Lord and he responded by inviting me into his home. My first thought was that he hadn’t been listening or was going to want to debate but I was wrong. Once inside his home he called for his wife, Ester, to join us in the kitchen. He said “I want you to get saved too.” So I went over the plan of salvation again and this time they both prayed and asked Jesus to save them! Praise the Lord! After we rejoiced, they began to tell me about their lives the last few months. They had been having trial after trial and knew it was God Who had brought me there. Daniel removed his glasses to reveal an infected eye that had made him miss work and put them behind on rent.  But God had provided the home they were in currently and if He hadn’t they would have been on the street. It’s great to know one day they will have a mansion in Heaven! 

March 2014(pg2)

 There are dozens of salvation testimonies I would love to tell you about the folks that were saved on this trip but I’m afraid time would not allow. Someday in Heaven I’m sure we will hear testimony after testimony of God’s grace and salvation!

We are so grateful to you for your financial and prayer support during these months of deputation! And pray you will continue to partner with us as we travel to the mission field. We are making the final preparations necessary to drive to Mexico City, Mexico DF in the following weeks. By the end of April we are planning on being there! Please pray for safety as we drive from the border at Laredo, TX to Mexico City, Mexico DF, which is about a 12-15 hour drive on a very dangerous road.

We love you and are praying for you!

God Bless!

Sincerely In Christ,

Joe & Kella Wynne


February 2014

 Many souls were saved this month from door to door soul winning! A total of 6 souls came to Christ this month! Praise God for using sinners to reach sinners all around the world! One soul saved this month was Daphnia, a Spanish-speaking woman who listened intently as I shared with her the Gospel. She was saved that Saturday afternoon! The following week Kella and I were able to visit her and led her husband to Christ! Now they are both bound for Heaven!

 The Lord has been doing wonderful things these past few weeks! He has opened doors and made His will known! We will be making the move to the mission field in the month of April! We have another meeting set for the last week of March and then we will be heading south! Although Kella and I do not have our full percentage of financial support, the Lord has made it clear to us that this is His will. Currently our percentage of support is around 75% and Lord willing it will continue to increase.  This is an exciting time!

 The deputation trail has taught us so much! I believe the main thing it has taught is that prayer works! Every time! We have trusted God with our lives and provision and He has never failed us! Christians all over this country, and a few others, pray for us and that alone is an encouraging thought! Kella and I have also met dozens of great Christian leaders! We are so grateful for their friendships!

 The Lord has opened a door for me to visit South America in March! I will be heading to Mexico on March 1 and then flying to Lima, Peru, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and finally stopping in Santiago, Chile. It will be a busy month! This is a survey trip that I will be taking with a graduate from my father’s Bible college and several other missionaries and church planters, including my father!

Please keep this trip in your prayers! We are praying that many will be saved and that the Lord will speak to this young graduate about where to start a Gospel preaching church!

 Kella will not be able to travel with me on this trip but will be spending the time with her parents in West Virginia. This will give her some time with them before we head out and also time to pack!

 Thank you for your faithfulness to us in prayers and financial support! Thank you for believing in us! One day in Heaven you will see much fruit to your account because you gave to missionaries across the world! May God bless you and your church folk this month! We love and pray for you!

Sincerely In Christ,

Joe & Kella Wynne

January 2014

The year 2014 has begun with meetings on the West Coast. God has blessed by allowing us to stay semi-regional this month. We were able to attend two conferences and were able to meet many pastors.

Kella and I have also been preparing as much as possible for our move to the mission field in the next few months. I have been researching and studying the new laws that came into effect this month, and working on Kella’s permanent residency. Please pray for us as we make all necessary legal preparations for our move.

 My wife and I saw six souls saved this month during our personal soul winning time! Glory to God! What a privilege it is to be used to tell the greatest story ever told! One Saturday I was directed to a Spanish-speaking neighborhood and was able to lead Marcela to Christ! She told me she went to a church in town and even taught Sunday school but had never heard the Gospel clearly. Praise the Lord for His timing! That same morning before the soul winning meeting, I was able to lead teenager to Christ who I saw on my way to my car. He was grateful for the truth! I even spoke to his father who said they were interested in coming to church!

 Kella is continuing learning Spanish and is enjoying all the practice she gets here in Southern California. Please continue to pray that she can pick up on it quickly. She is smart and doing well but prayer always helps!

 Words cannot express our gratitude toward you that pray and support us! Our call of God and your faith in us continues to encourage us during these last few months of the deputation trail.

 Our excitement and anticipation of planting the first church is building! It seems that the Lord may open the door for us to travel to South America first and begin a work there. Please keep this in your prayers.

 Again, thank you for you love and support! We pray for you all and hope your church is prosperous and blessed this coming year! God bless!

 Sincerely In Christ,

 Joe & Kella Wynne

December 2013

 I hope you all had a Merry Christmas with your families and loved ones! Thank you for your faithfulness to us this past year. We feel loved by all your prayers and notes of encouragement through out the year! We love you and pray for you!

 December, for us, began in Alaska while we wrapped up with two final meetings there. Thank you for praying for this trip it was successful in raising prayer and financial support. We then flew from Anchorage to Los Angles to pick up our car and then we drove to West Virginia for a few meetings and to spend Christmas with Kella’s family one more time. It was a blessed visit! We were able to visit a few of our faithful supporters and a few potential supporters. I was able to preach five times during that two and a half week trip and many decisions were made.

 One church I visited while back east was a church in Farmington, PA that is pastored by one of our college friends, David Vellikoff. I taught Sunday School and preached that morning and afterward they had a meal and fellowship time. There was a man there that had been attending church for seven months but was trusting in this for his salvation. I told him how as a young boy I attended church all the time and went soul winning with my dad, having never received the Lord as my Savior.  One day my mother showed me in the Bible that even though I was a preacher’s kid I still deserved to go to Hell and needed to be saved. The pastor also shared some verses with the man and he got saved! Praise the Lord!

 We look forward to the New Year with hope and faith! We have five churches that have promised support beginning in January and we are looking forward to moving to Mexico sometime this year. It has been our aim and prayer to be on the field mid 2014! Please continue to partner with us and pray for us to be on the field soon! Kella is expecting our first child this July and we would love for our baby to be born in Mexico so we don’t have to fill out an extra visa all the time.

 God bless you all!

Sincerely In Christ,

 Joe & Kella Wynne

November 2013

 Greetings! I hope you and your church folk enjoyed Thanksgiving! We sure did! God has been blessing our trip to Alaska in great ways! Pastor Stan Roach, Kella’s great-uncle, lives here and has been a great blessing to us by providing a place to stay and helping us with meetings.

 Every Sunday and Wednesday service, and some days in between, was booked this month! What a blessing! We are thankful that God has made this a prosperous trip! As of this month, four churches have taken us on for financial support! Some have already started and the rest will begin in January 2014! God is GOOD!

 At one church in Kenai, AK, I was able to preach and present in their Christian school chapel. After chapel, I was introduced to Marcos, a Mexican teenage boy. I began to witness to him and share my testimony with him and he got saved! I have never seen a soul more ready than Marcos’s! He had heard the Gospel many times but finally he was ready to receive it! I was told later that Marcos told his teacher and his entire class about his salvation that afternoon!

 Another opportunity arose while Kella and I were in Delta Junction, AK during a snow downpour! Sunday morning we met a sweet Russian family that had three boys. The two older boys were new to church but had been somewhat faithful. The younger brother, Stan, was newly saved and had a burden for his big brother, Sergi. Stan arranged for him and Sergi to take us to lunch Monday morning before we left for Fairbanks, AK. The next day I witnessed to Sergi and told him that his brother loved him and wanted Jesus to change his life too. Sergi very humbly asked Christ to save him that day right in the restaurant! He is another great example of how the Holy Spirit is the one who prepares people’s hearts! We as Christians just obey by telling others about Him! Now Stan and Sergi want to start a Reformers Unanimous ministry in their church someday!

 Kella and I have traveled a few thousand miles within the state of Alaska! We have been to just about every church we could find and schedule a meeting! We will be flying back to the lower 48 on December 10. We are greatly anticipating our upcoming meetings in 2014!

 Again, we are so grateful to all of you that pray for us and financially make it possible for us raise our support to reach the mission field! Please continue praying with us that we may raise our full financial support by mid-2014. We love and thank God for each of you! God bless!


Sincerely In Christ,

 Joe and Kella Wynne



Kella teaching a teenage girls class in Alaska.

October 2013


 The month of October brought us many meetings and opportunities! Kella and I had the privilege to present our missionary work at two missions conference in Southern California. On the 18th we flew to Alaska! We have already been apart of two mission’s conferences! God has already blessed! And there is no snow, so thank you for your prayers!

 We truly count it a blessing to present our field at all the church’s we go to. My wife and I both feel a burden to be down there already! Every time we watch our DVD or just talk about Mexico for a length of time our heart aches to be there! People are dying everyday in Mexico, as well as the world, that have never heard the Gospel! The Lord will soon return but we want to lead souls until that final moment. Please pray for Mexico with us! Please pray that we can raise our support quickly and that the Lord may be glorified and souls may be saved in our ministry. This is my prayer daily!

 Though we are not yet on the field my wife and I set a special time aside each week to go soul winning, even if we are not at a church. On one such day, I was able to lead a young Hispanic man to the Lord. Also while in the airport my wife was able to witness to a Muslim. This was her first time sharing the Gospel with a Muslim, and though he did not get saved he asked her many questions concerning Christ. We have prayed that he would accept the Lord!

 Thank you for all your prayers and support! We thank God for each of you and pray for your churches. Sometimes I wish churches could send us letters just so we could know how you all are doing! But I guess after a while those letters would add up! God bless!!



Joe & Kella Wynne



September 2013

Another month of our deputation has passed and we have been busy! We continued to travel across California raising support.

I had the unique opportunity to teach in two Bible colleges this month. I taught in a Spanish Bible college in Anaheim and was greatly encouraged by the amount of students that were attending. I also taught at Pacific Bible Baptist College in Long Beach, CA, for a few days. I taught on the bus ministry and missions work. I am happy to know there is a generation after mine that is willing and excited to win this world for Christ!

 My wife and I were in different churches for every service and in two missions' conferences in September. God is good! We have had three churches promise financial support this month! We are getting closer to the 100% mark all the time, thanks to the Lord! 

 Kella and I celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary on the twenty -third of this month! I am now ready to write our first book on marriage! Just kidding! I am very thankful for a wife who wants to serve on the mission field and who is such a good help meet.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for all of your prayers and support over these past few months. God has been doing great things because of it! We are so glad to have a team of praying Christians that spans from coast to coast! To God be the glory!             


Sincerely In Christ,

 Joe & Kella Wynne


August 2013


 God has been good to us in the month of August! I went back East for two scheduled meetings at the beginnings of this month. It was a great two weeks visiting churches and meeting pastors. Kella especially enjoyed seeing her family in West Virginia. While in the eastern United States we visited Philadelphia, PA and Charleston, WV. 

 Also three churches began financial support in the month of August and another church has promised us support already. God has been good!

 The last three weeks I spent back in Southern California in missions conferences and individual meetings. Thankfully, pastors have been giving us referrals to other Independent Baptist churches in the area. This is one of the best things a missionary can hope for from a church!

 While soul winning this month my wife and I led three souls to Christ! During one of our conferences my wife had the opportunity to take two college girls out soul winning one Saturday, while I went with the men. My wife led a young man to Christ named Oscar in his grandparent's house. I love how God creates divine appointments for us! I am so thankful this young man got saved and was interested in church but his family attends a Catholic church in town. Please pray with us that Oscar will attend church and grow in Christ.

 We look toward September with excitement as we prepare for our various meetings here in Southern California. I also have a unique privilege to teach in a Bible college during their mission's emphasis days as well as presenting in various churches. Please pray with us that Kella and I may be a blessing to these brothers and sisters in Christ.

 Thank you for your love and support! We are so grateful for the time you spend in prayer on our be half. We are grateful for the finances you give to support the work God has called us to. We love and pray for you as well! May God bless you!


Sincerely In Christ,

Joe & Kella Wynne



Prayer Letter: July 2013

 Thank you for all your prayers for us to raise our support! Of course we have been praying too and God has been answering! In the month of July three new churches sent us support and two churches have called me this past week and will begin support for the month of August. God is good!

 Kella and I have been using our time in California to visit churches and book meetings. I have preached and presented in many and am thankful for all the referrals from other Baptist pastors. We will be quite busy throughout August and September and are excited about our trip to Alaska during the months of October-December, in view of raising support. Please pray with us for these meetings in Alaska and that we may be a blessing to the churches.

 The last week of July my wife and I had the opportunity to visit Mexico for one week for my brother’s wedding. Timothy, one of my younger brothers, married a sweet girl from our home church in Mexico City, Mexico. We were so happy to help on their special day and to visit the field God has called us to serve. While there we were able to see five people accept Christ!

 Thank you for your love and support! Thank you for praying with us as we raise our support. We love and pray for you and your church as well! God bless!

             Sincerely In Christ,

             Joe & Kella Wynne


Prayer Letter:

June 2013


Greetings pastors and church folk! I hope that your summer has taken off to a great start already! Though this is not the typical time for conferences my wife and I have been busy travelling and preparing for our various meetings across the country.

After two meetings in the Ohio and Pennsylvania area, we headed west all the way to California. Our initial reason for the trip across country was for my sister Ruth’s wedding, but have made use of our time here by visiting and presenting at churches in California. God has blessed already! Three churches have already voted to support us financially. We plan to continue on the west coast throughout the month of July as well.

This month my wife and I saw a total of five people receive Christ as Savior. One day, my wife was doing our laundry at the laundry mat and began to witness to a lady beside her. I saw two Spanish-speaking ladies outside and began to witness to one of them; her name was Maria. At first she seemed in a hurry but as I went through the scriptures she began listening closely. She accepted Christ and then I shared the Gospel with her friend who was standing by the door, Julia. Julia also accepted Christ and thanked us for talking to her and her friend!

God has blessed us greatly while on deputation! My wife and I are so grateful for the opportunities He has provided for us as we travel. We are also so happy to have met so many wonderful Christians who have been an encouragement to us. And though we are anxious to arrive to the field, we praise God for this time in our lives. He has already taught us so much!

Thank you for your faithful support! Whether financial or through prayer, we appreciate and need both! God bless you!


Sincerely In Christ,

Joe & Kella Wynne


Prayer Letter:                                    

May 2013


The Lord answered a mighty prayer request for us this month! If you receive my father's prayer letter then you are aware that our church in Mexico has been praying for the property across the street. We have been praying for this since it went for sale several years ago. Mexico City, though in a third world country, is the nation's capitol and is densely populated. This makes property in the D.F. difficult to obtain and expensive to purchase. Though the property across the street is only an empty warehouse the asking price was two million dollars! But God provided a man who donated the money needed, and purchased the property this month! Nothing is impossible with God!

Due to this great blessing, my wife and I were able to fly to Mexico City for just a brief two weeks. Because I am a duel citizen, I was able to sign the paper work for the property. While in Mexico, Kella was able to pick up on more Spanish. I did not translate any of the services for her. She even lead her first soul to Christ in Spanish in Mexico, without any help! God is so good! I was so proud of her! Thank you for praying for her to pick up the language easily. 

We are back in States now and continuing our scheduled meetings. Thank you for your continued prayers for our safety as we travel. Our goal to be on the mission field is mid 2014.Thank you for your faithful support and prayers!


Sincerely In Christ,

Joe & Kella Wynne

Kella’s first converts in Mexico!

Maria, her Baby and Juan.

Inside the warehouse!

Prayer Letter:

April 2013

God’s providence for my wife and I reassures me that we are right in the center of God’s will. God wants us to be in Mexico and various other parts of Latin America. He has called us and therefore He will provide our support. So thankful for all He has already done and am looking forward to what is ahead.

Since March three churches have started supporting us financially. We are approaching 40% of our financial goal (60% promised) and a total of 27 supporting churches! All glory and credit to God! We have more meetings this spring and leading into this summer.

During a conference in West Virginia, my wife and I were making visits between services with an assistant pastor. We stopped by a Wendy’s to use their restroom when I noticed a young man in the parking lot. He was skate boarding and looked about 16 years old. I witnessed to him and after about 20 minutes he asked Jesus to be his personal Savior. His name was Dustin and said he lived with his father, who was deaf, and would try to come to church. I left the tract with him. Please pray for Dustin and his dad that they may come to church to grow in Christ. Thank you!

Thank you for your prayer and financial support! May God bless your church!

             In Christ,

             Joe & Kella Wynne


Prayer Letter:

March 2013

  March was one of the only months where all our meetings were in one regional location. We travelled all over the Mid-Eastern states of the U.S. God allowed us to be in six different churches this month and four have promised support. I am so grateful for God’s provision and grace!

 At one mission’s conference in West Virginia, my wife and I went soul winning on a Saturday with a few bus workers. It was in a predominantly Spanish area and I was thankful to be able to witness to some of the same people God has called me to reach. Along with the three other workers we saw a total of 17 souls come to Christ! God is good!

 The next month will be filled with more mission’s conferences in the West Virginia and Pennsylvania area. My wife and I will be in prayer for these meetings and we ask that you would be also. We are praying for our financial support to come in by 2014.

 Thank you for your prayers and support of us! We are working diligently to contact churches and win souls to Christ so we may reach the mission field. All of these things will be added to your Heavenly account! May God bless you and your church folk!

       Sincerely In Christ,

              Joe & Kella Wynne


Prayer Letter:

February 2013

In February, we had meetings from Illinois to Nevada. We also had two churches take us on for financial support. God is good! God showed us mercy as we travelled through several snowstorms to reach our various destinations. We are grateful for every meeting the Lord provides for us! He continues to provide, direct, and guide us on deputation.

During Saturday visitations this month, God allowed us to see four souls trust Christ. In Nevada, my wife and I were soul winning and met two teenage boys. These boys were very polite and invited us inside their house. They were listening intently as I witnessed to them and both trusted Christ as Savior. They began asking questions and talking about their previous experiences with church. One of them said he was so glad we came by because he had been wondering about Jesus’s return. Both of these teenagers were excited about their salvation! They were so ready to hear the gospel! God is good! The pastor came to the house while we were leaving and was able to take their information so that they could be visited again and come to church.

Thank you for your faithful support to us. We are so grateful for you and your church! We are in prayer for you always. God bless you!


Sincerely In Christ,

Joe & Kella Wynne


January 2013

  “Across the miles; there is someone praying for me. Across the miles; there is someone on their knees. Lifting my name to the Lord above…” This is the chorus to a song that truly touched my heart. Kella and I have travelled all over the United States and passed out (literally) thousands of prayer cards. We know there are families, pastors, widows, singles, and couples that pray for us. What a blessed thought! It is very humbling to know there are people who meet us only once but go to the Lord on our behalf. We have seen the miracles and the provision of God that can come only by the power of prayer. Thank you!

 It seemed the snow was following us this month as we travelled from West Virginia to Pennsylvania to Maryland and finally to Virginia. We were so grateful for the snow tires the Lord provided! (An answered prayer.)

While soul winning one snowy Saturday, I met a man shoveling his drive way. I offered him a tract in English but saw his hesitation and then gave him the same tract in Spanish.  He was already bundled up for the weather so I took the opportunity to lead him to Christ there in his drive way! God had already prepared that man’s heart to hear the Gospel. God is the one Who saves them we are simply a vessel He chooses to use. What a blessing and honor it is to serve our God!

 Thank you for your faithful financial support and prayer support. We pray for you and your church family always. We start this year with meetings scheduled and promised support already coming through. Our goal date to be on the field is still sometime 2014. Please continue to pray for this.

God bless you as you serve our Lord.


Sincerely In Christ,

Joe & Kella Wynne